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As he was writing his novel,

Andri Snær Magnason

imagined about what

our future might look like.

We visited him in his home

in Iceland.

LoveStar is a rich source of reflection.

We've produced some extra material

to take your thinking further.

You will find various resources to dig further such as: interviews with the author,

videos on philosophical thinking,

and thematic podcasts.

 In the videos here, you will hear him talk about

 the origins of  the LoveStar story, and how 

 he thinks our world will evolve in the future. 

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The author

Andri Snær Magnason

You want to know more about Andri?

Since we are aware that your mind never stops spinning, we decided

to provide some philosophical thinking support on the issues raised in LoveStar.

Maybe you're already wondering:

what does philosophical thinking mean?

Or even, what is philosophy exactly?

To help you better understand,

we've asked a pro to explain it to you!

 In the video here, Jeremie McEwen 

 - a true philosopher! - 

 tells you how to handle philosophical 

 thinking and discussion. 

Now that your brain is hyper-stimulated, find ways to apply what you just learned with Jeremie!

To fuel your reflections, we've created podcasts which explore topics you will come across not only in LoveStar but also in everyday life.

 Hover over the 

 animations to access 

 the podcasts! 

 Click here to watch the video! 

You're wondering what it's like to have a philosophical discussion with a bunch of people?


Look at an example given

by Jeremie and friends!

(in french only)

 Want to discuss further?

 Share your thoughts?  

Join the Speak-up section!

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