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About Lovestarium

Lovestarium is a multimodal platform (an impressive word meaning: with sounds, video and text!). It was created in relation to the themes of LoveStar, a wordless play for actors, puppets, shadow and video, addressing issues relating to the environment, ethics and love.


On this platform, you will discover our futuristic play through original online content, and you will be invited to participate under the skin of an artist, a philosopher, an eco-citizen and even scientist. 

The artist profile will take you

backstage of the LoveStar play,

where you can meet the artists and their secrets.

The philosopher profile, stirs up ideas

by means of questions to answer, stories to listen to,

and various ways to reflect on the topics

raised in LoveStar.

The ecocitizen profile allows you to dig into ways in which you can make the world a better place.


The scientist profile gives you an insight into what science can teach you about our changing world.

For presenters and those who want

to know more about the show,

the pro space is the place to visit.


You can also ask all your questions,

give us your opinion, share your thoughts and ideas

in the speak up section.


Enjoy your visit !

Lovestarium also offers plenty of resources

to be used at school and at home!


For teachers, the at school section aims at optimising field trips, enhancing the school curriculum by forging links with

the themes of the play and getting students

involved in a participatory way.


For parents, the at home section provides additional resources related to the play, extra web links to browse through and various activities to do.  

LoveStar oiseaux

Click on the hands to start exploring!

 About the play, LoveStar 

 Thanks to the creation team 

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