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To awaken and stimulate your inner eco-citizen,

we created games

on the theme of the environment.


But before getting to the heart of the matter, it might be worthwhile to define

a few key concepts, don't you think?



Excessively buying or consuming things (objects, services, resources) when you don’t actually need them.



Disposing of an object or food in an irresponsible manner. When you throw something in the garbage, without giving it a second life, even though the item had been little used or the food was still edible.


Responsible consumption

Contributing to protecting

the environment

via our consumption habits. 




is a word that blends the words "ecology" and "citizenship".

A person is said to be an

eco-citizen when he or she does their part for the environment i.e., when they take

several small actions

on a daily basis to protect it.

A simple and easy daily act, within everyone's reach, that helps protect the environment.

 The Ace of Consumption 




 These days many young   people are leading   environmental struggles   and are taking inspiring   citizen actions, at their   level and in their own way.

 Depending on various factors 

 such as our age or our   lifestyle, we can find different 

 environmentally friendly 

 things to do. 


 Every little bit counts! Have you ever had such actions 

 at school or at home? 

 Or do you have any new ideas of things to do? 

 Share your good moves with us on the Express yourself space

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